Tired Of The Same Old, Uninspired Workout Music?

HipHopHeavyweight.com aims to power your gym session with the best hip hop workout music. So whether you are chasing that new PR, banging out those two-a-days for a sport/meet or simply training to look good, we got what you need.

R.I.P. To The Competition

Google "Hip Hop Workout Music" and you will be sorely disappointed. Sure, the other sites are bigger and more well-known. But they don't know sh*t about the best hip-hop workout music. That's where we come in.

Gritty Content

Let's face it: workout music has to be relevant to be effective. What better way to have a sick workout than to hear hip hop music in all its glory – if the mention of money, women, fast cars and big homes isn't appealing then maybe a successful life isn't in the cards for you.

Top-Notch Production

HipHopHeavyweight.com places a strong emphasis on top-notch production – you simply can't get hyped for a gym session off melodic, mellow tones and slow jams. Instead, our workout music focuses strictly on those "knockin" beats – think Biggie's "Dead Wrong."

Hard-Hitting Lyrics

It's sad but nowadays, there is little emphasis on lyrics or "bars" in hip hop music. In comparison, we showcase workout music that literally speaks volumes – if the song contains a particularly "hard" comment, inspirational saying or slick metaphor, you can be sure we'll feature it.